The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the importance of improvement and innovation in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry is on a strong development momentum in recent years. According to BMI Research’s forecast, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market can reach a value of US$7.7 billion by 2023, an increase of about 10.6% compared to 2018.
In Vietnam, innovation in healthcare plays a very important role in improving the health system and solving the challenges of the future. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality are developing strongly and creating significant changes in the healthcare sector.
In this report, Seiko Ideas will provide quick information on innovation in the pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam:
– Program on development of pharmaceutical industry and domestically produced pharmaceutical herbs to 2030, vision to 2040
– Investment capital and startups in the health tech sector
– Technology trends and Innovation map in the healthcare and services sector