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Legal Update: New Key Points of the New Vietnam Investment Law 2020
Jan 4, 2021 / SeikoIdeas

The National Assembly of Vietnam passed a new Law on Investment on June 17, 2020, which becomes effective on January 1, 2021 (LOI 2020) and replaces the 2014 Law on Investment (LOI 2014). In this report, we briefly discuss some new key points of the Law on Investment of Vietnam 2020.[...]

Vietnam Business Review: A quick glance of Vietnam Energy Industry 2020
Nov 3, 2020 / SeikoIdeas

Vietnam is one of the most efficient power markets in Southeast Asia, driven by low-cost resources such as hydro and coal. At present, hydropower holds the largest share amongst all renewable energy sources, followed by wind and biomass. Solar energy, biogas, and waste-to-energy technologies are picking up slowly while geothermal energy and tidal energy are […][...]

Vietnam Business Review: 2 months since EVFTA came into effects
Oct 30, 2020 / SeikoIdeas

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is a new generation FTA between Vietnam and 27 European Union member states. It is a comprehensive and high-quality agreement which ensures balanced benefits for both Vietnam and the EU, with consideration for the differences in development levels between the two sides. Upon entering into force, the EVFTA has […][...]